The Secret(s) To The Perfect Cake Pop

For awhile there I thought that cake pops were going to take over the world! Ok, I am being a little dramatic BUT seriously, they are a huge craze. HOWEVER, you would be surprised how many people still ask me what they are, how they are made and what the trick(s) is to making them.  So, off we go….

Cake Pop: A tiny cake truffle dipped in chocolate on a stick. A cake pop is made my baking the cake, mixing in the frosting, rolling the mixture into balls, putting them on a stick and dipping them in chocolate.

Sounds easy right? Well, as it seems many of you have found there is some trial and error to the process. Here are some key tips to making the perfect cake pop.

1. Be Gentle With The Frosting: Adding too much frosting to the cake mixture will cause your cake balls to fall off the stick when you are dipping them. Add the frosting in a bit at a time versus all at once. The consistency should be just moist enough so that when you roll them they stay together and don’t break apart. The mixture should not be so gooey that it is sticking all over your hands.

2. Use A Cookie Scoop To Ensure An Even Size: Once the mixture is the right texture I use a cookie scoop to measure out the cake ball. I highly recommend the OXO Medium cookie scoop.

3. Be Patient With The Chocolate: Patience is definitely key in making the perfect cake pops. You need to be patient in chilling them in the fridge and then once again when melting/tempering the chocolate. I recommend removing the cake balls from the refrigerator roughly 15 minutes before dipping. Additionally, once the chocolate is melted, continually stir it for a few minutes to avoid it from being too hot. If you dip an extremely cold cake pop in hot chocolate the results are disastrous, trust me I know. The chocolate will clump up in blobs.

4. Invest In Styrofoam: Buy a square of flat styro-foam board to place your cake pops in while drying. It is easy, quick and inexpensive. You can find this at your local craft store of Wal-Mart usually.

5. It’s OK To Double Dip: I recommend double dipping your cake pops in chocolate to ensure and even and smooth look. Once they are fully dried, take them for another swim.

I hope this helps. Happy Cake Pop Making!



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